Jared Forman (left) and Ethan Forman (right)

Jared Forman (left) and Ethan Forman (right)



Let us introduce ourselves as the Forman Twins. Ever since inception we’ve pretty much been inseparable, unless of course that was battling over the last brownie; I always let him have it...who likes brownies anyways. Just kidding, they’re okay, but to be totally serious I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity to master the skills of the cookie from Sensei Cookie Monster. The guy always struck me as one with a little too much love for flour, but we all know every cookie recipe needs some flour in addition to a few other simple ingredients. I say simple because baking cookies isn’t re-creating the wheel; every recipe has milk, butter, sugar, flour, eggs…or does it. You get the point, but what we realized over the years is that an affordable quality product hasn’t been available to the public. This is where we come in. 


My brother and I are Los Angeles natives and graduates of the University of Michigan with business backgrounds, but please by no means let the suits mask the baking coats we always wore underneath. We have immersed ourselves within the restaurant industry for nearly 7 years and not a day has gone by in which our love doesn’t continue to grow and get stronger. Back to our point, the reality is quality exists in the market, but it’s not affordable. Paying $5 for a delicious red velvet treat is great until you check the credit card statement. We know the public desires a high quality product at an extremely affordable price and that is why we started Dozen’s Cookies. Our goal is to foster this affordable quality environment where the integrity of our delicious products speak for themselves, but the fear of checking the credit card statement at the end of the month is mitigated. Our focus is on the ice cream sandwich. Two freshly-made gourmet cookies and a scoop of your favorite childhood ice cream all for the price of paying a parking meter. Haha so about $2-3 for those non-natives…Los Angeles meter prices are through the roof! Maybe you’re not desiring ice cream, so grab a dozen or two to binge eat with your friends and family over your favorite shows. We love what we do and we love our consumers even more. We’re here to become a part of your life, one cookie at a time. We hope you’ll welcome us with open arms!


Our Team

Maxwell Martin

Longtime friend of the Forman brothers and an avid cookie taste tester, Maxwell is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Dozen’s Cookies. As a senior at UCLA, he will head the West Coast operations and also be in charge of various college campus ambassador programs across the United States. Maxwell’s favorite cookie is the coconut chocolate chip. As a twin friendly business, Maxwell also has a twin brother, Jackson, that attends USC. Imagine that debate at the dinner table about which university is better. Are you a Bruin or Trojan?     


Taylor Offer

Both a University of Massachusetts graduate and a successful entrepreneur, Taylor is our stand in mentor. He is the co-founder of FEAT Socks and the loving father of a newborn English bulldog named Blake (yes…he is actually the cutest dog ever). Taylor brings us his expertise and advises Dozen’s Cookies on marketing, promotional, and brand recognition initiatives. Catch him wearing funky socks or cruising around town in his three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot. We are still working on that company one liner Taylor....maybe someday we will have the answer.